Soulful Steps: from the Passion to Pentecost

Soulful Steps: from the Passion to Pentecost
Mon April 27 - Fri May 29 (weekdays).

I was so glad to be running my Lent 2020 series while we were all adjusting to new rhythms of life. In fact, it was a great privilege. We cultivated wisdom, shared encouragement and inspiration together, and stayed present to the challenges and opportunities of a new way of being.

Given the uniqueness of this particular year, and of the feedback I received about the fruitfulness of this forum, I’m delighted to confirm I'll be running a special one-off follow-up e-mail series, to help keep us in soulful step through the immediate days to come.

There'll be 25 reflections in all, and they'll be a bit shorter than my Lent ones. My aim for the series is simple, and three-fold:

1. To stay spiritually alert and present to what's happening in our life and world.
2. To stay connected to each other, offering encouragement and sharing wisdom.
3. To find a pathway 'through' this coming season, taking one day at a time.

I'll keep an RSVP page going (in shorter form), and I'll host a ‘Mid-day Moment Live!’ on Fridays, to maintain that live, friendly contact!

You'd be so welcome to join me.

The suggested donation is £10, or £40 for small to mid-sized groups.

You can sign up here in two very simple steps.

You can read a sample from Lent 2020 here.

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