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"Thank you and all my fellow-travellers for sharing such beautiful thoughts and reflections this Advent.  It has been a time of transformation." Nigel (2017)

ADVENT 20 is a unique series of 20 reflections (always written daily, as we go - never off the shelf) to help you prepare the way for Christmas. Make space within the busyness, gain back some perspective, and remind yourself why we're celebrating in the first place. Incarnation is an amazing thing; it's the very fleshing out of life itself. So why not get excited about Christmas with me? Let's restore the wonder and awe of a magical season!

The responses I receive and publish from other participants help us - as an on-line community - to share wisdom at a surprisingly soulful level. And together, we end up shaping the nature of the journey. That's why this can never be written in advance.

It would be wonderful if you'd like to join me this year. Together, it really is a lovely, and sustainable, way of making the most of this poignant and potent period.

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'"It’s been my first time doing Advent 20, and each reflection has been like opening and receiving a gift each day. I pray that we will all continue with our small steps of love into the new year and beyond." Liz S

“Thank you Brian for creating the perfect tool to help me live each day in the moment.” Claire

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LENT 40 is a unique series of 40 short e-mail reflections. Each year, I write a new series day-by-day through Lent - so you get a fresh burst each morning, and you, me and anyone else who's signed up begins a journey together, sharing wisdom and encouraging each other along the way.

We focus on key Lenten themes; we try simple daily actions to put ideas into practice; and we report back through the popular RSVP section. Lent 40 maintains an intimate one-to-one feel - yet the shared wisdom of the group as a whole creates an experience which is far greater than the sum of its parts.

If you sign up, I'll send you a short, reflective e-mail each day (except Sundays) from March 1st, with a link to readers' personal responses. The reflections won't take you long to read, but they will help you to make meaningful space, and to take meaningful action.

This has definitely been the most thought-provoking and moving Lent series I have ever followed.” Hazel

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