Soulfulness: Deepening the Mindful Life

Published on May 18th, 2016

"What a wonderful book. Brian Draper has no equals in linking the inner with the political and personal outer." Oliver James, psychologist

"Reading Brian Draper’s new book Soulfulness is like coming home, but realizing home is even more spacious than you had imagined... The writing flows with mastery in terms of deepening this one life we have... Take it and read…take it and read!" Shaun Lambert, Baptist Times

"This book is amazing. I bought a copy for myself, then I bought my husband his own copy too, because he kept pinching mine. We have both found it an invaluable life tool to help cope with the stresses and strains of living in this busy and complicated world – I certainly keep going back and dipping in to it to refresh my memory, and each time I gain something different from it. Brian writes about mindfulness from a Christian perspective, but the book will appeal to people of all faiths and none and does not seek to evangelise. Believe it or not, I've bought five further copies to give/lend to friends – it's that good!" pillarbox cottage, reviewed on Amazon 25.10.16

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Many people are starting to use simple mindfulness techniques to help them cope with an ever-busier culture. Perhaps you're one of them. Positively, mindfulness opens up some common-sense elements of spirituality - such as pausing for breath, being present, meditating - to those who may struggle with formal religion, or are suspicious of “New Age” spirituality. And it works - it will help you to de-stress, to come back up for air, to stay poised under pressure.

But if all we do is use mindfulness as a tool for keeping burnout at bay, for survival, we miss the point. And this is where I’ve found that a contemplative Christian perspective can enrich, equip and deepen what starts as a mindful life.

For once we’ve learned to “be still” (as the psalmist puts it), we make space for the soul, once more, to speak. Our challenge, then, is not to become super-spiritual, or esoteric, but to bring flesh-and-blood expression to our unique and God-given inner aliveness.

We’ve grown far too used to the same old, soulless 'grind' in today's Western culture. But what difference could it make to us, and the world around us, if we started to live with soul instead? There is, of course, only one way to find out... And I hope and pray that this book will help to inspire you, practically, to have a go; to live more fully as the person you were created to be.

I’ve tried, as always, to write in a way that's accessible and inspiring to anyone, regardless of background or faith. And I was delighted recently when the psychologist Oliver James described Soulfulness as a “wonderful book”.

But please don’t just take his word for it... Order your copy today!