a bit about me

So, I'm Brian: dad to Eden, Mercy and Betsy-Joy, husband to Kats.

I've been based in Winchester for 10 years, where I love to get outside into the inspiring countryside - whether to run, work or play!

And I’m available for hire as a speaker, retreat guide, labyrinth curator and creative consultant.

*     *     *

Perhaps you've heard me on BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day, on the Today programme. It's a good indicator of what I try to do: help people of all faiths and none to see the world from a creative and engaging spiritual perspective. In 2 mins 45.

*     *     *

Most recently, I’ve written Soulfulness: Deepening the Mindful Life ... Mindfulness takes us very helpfully to the threshold of soul, I believe - but how do we cross that threshold and enter into a more soulful life? Previously, I've written What Matters Most? - which asks how we reconnect with what does matter, and then ... how we can act as if we mean it! Meanwhile, Less is More explores how we can live more soulfully within our consumerist world of More, Bigger, Faster. I've also written Labyrinth: Illuminating the inner path - a contemporary take on an ancient spiritual exercise - and Spiritual Intelligence, which asks how we tap our potential to be the change, as Gandhi said.

*     *     *

I’ve loved discovering more about contemplation over the last few years, and the creative work I've developed is a result of my own spiritual quest. I've realised that a little space can be a big, big thing; that silence speaks; and that the present is a hard but beautiful place to discover.

*     *     *

Elsewhere, I work creatively with Artesian, a business consultancy with a difference, to run labyrinths for organisations. I also help to run leadership and coaching workshops with them, which may sound a little dull, but not how we do it. Honest.

I've a background in journalism, and still perform interviews for U2.com, as well as the brilliant High Profiles website and Church Times. Ellen MacArthur put the wind in my sails; you can read my interview with her here, and my interview with Thom Yorke of Radiohead here.

In a former life, I was editor of Third Way, and I’m still an associate lecturer in culture at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, where I tried to be clever for seven years, and nearly got away with it.