"Brian Draper has an extraordinary gift for providing nourishment for the soul." Clare Balding

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When we bring soul to bear upon our life,

we bring our life to bear, as a blessing, upon the world around us.

I've developed some simple and practical ways to work with you on this - from my interactive Lent and Advent e-mail series, to books, talks, seasonal retreats and workshops. These all flow from my contemplative spirituality.

I hope you also enjoy browsing the website. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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I'm delighted to say that I've co-authored a book, with my co-guide from the Spring Saunters, Howard Green - titled Soulful Nature. We've been on 12 inspiring walks in the south of England, in order to discover more about how to connect soulfully with Creation and ourselves. The idea is that you can 'try this' wherever in the world you are, and make some powerful reconnections for yourself, whether you walk on your own, in a pair, or in a group!

Praise for Soulful Nature:

'A walk with Brian and Howard helps you to see and hear more clearly, feel with a warmer heart and be part of nature rather than just an observer." Clare Balding

‘As this timely book explains, we need to let nature into our lives and to feel its healing properties.’ Alan Titchmarsh

'A remarkable book, transporting the reader on a journey through a year in nature, deep within the South Country. Its brand of Christianity will appeal to all nature lovers, not just those still able to call the natural world by its old name, Creation. The two authors are perfectly nuanced, writing seamlessly as one - something massive binds them together. I am lucky enough to know all the places visited in this book, most of them very well. I look forward to visiting them again, more deeply. Brian and Howard's musings bring these places, and our seasons, not so much to life, as to meaning.' Matthew Oates, Nature Notebook writer for the Times, author and broadcaster.

'A sure-footed field guide to the soul of the South Country. Brian Draper and Howard Green write with warmth, wisdom and a winsome way of earthing spirituality in the unique gift of each place. Best of all, they make you want to step outside and find the kingdom of heaven, hidden like treasure in the soil.' Andrew Rumsey, Bishop of Ramsbury

‘A thoughtful, evocative journey through some very special places, exploring the connection they offer us to the healing balm and spiritual possibilities of nature. It’s a pleasure to be in the company of these two friends as they share history, naturalism and practical suggestions about how to slow down, connect with nature, and reflect in whatever way works for you.’ Louise Govier, National Trust

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Coming soon:

Starting  Mon April 27th:

Soulful Steps: from the Passion to Pentecost - a follow-up e-mail series to Lent 2020, to help us stay in soulful step within the immediate days to come.

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Here's a lovely film that was made by St Paul's Cathedral about their first ever labyrinth day, which I was honoured to lead for them in January 2020.

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