It's been a full and fruitful year, and I feel hugely privileged to have had some wonderful opportunities to engage with people like yourself. We've had a sun-filled series of 'Spring Saunter' retreats at Mottisfont Abbey, and some wind-swept, leaf-blown wanders for the recent Ode to Autumn series.

Many of us enjoyed a powerful journey through Lent - as a community gathered virtually each day to reflect spiritually and respond practically. I spent a week at the glorious Lee Abbey to speak on 'living soulfully', and enjoyed some fabulous times in Norfolk using the Wigwam Centre's outdoor labyrinth to guide seasonal retreat days.

This summer I spent an intensive week in South Africa working with organisations, CEOs, leaders and one-to-one professionals exploring 'spiritual intelligence'. I've also broadcast a number of Thought for the Day slots on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. A real highlight of my year was the publication of a new book Soulfulness: Deepening the Mindful Life - which became a top-ten best-seller at my favourite spirituality-and-arts festival, Greenbelt, at which I appeared in August. Most recently, I spoke at St Paul's Cathedral's Sunday Forum.

I'm now looking forward to concluding the year by guiding my e-mail series Advent 20, which will help me - and I hope you, too! - to make space ahead of Christmas, and to engage with a beautiful season at a deeper, more soulful level. I really hope you'll join me. If you'd like to see a sample from the previous series, click here. Otherwise, you can sign up here in two very quick and easy steps!


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If we haven't met before, I'm a writer, speaker and facilitator, and I've developed simple and (I hope) inspiring ways for you to engage with my material (whether in person, or from a distance). These flow from my contemplative spirituality, and tend to follow the path of the seasons.

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"Your work is inspirational and unique. I have touched places in my soul I have never been to." Heather, a subscriber to my e-mail series