"What a wonderful book. Brian Draper has no equals in linking the inner with the political and personal outer." Oliver James, psychologist

"Reading Brian Draper’s new book Soulfulness is like coming home, but realizing home is even more spacious than you had imagined... The writing flows with mastery in terms of deepening this one life we have... Take it and read…take it and read!" Baptist Times

             (Speaking at the delightful Greenbelt festival 2016)

"If you would love to cultivate a positive difference, in your own life, as well as in the life of your family and friends, your work or business, your community, and wider still, your world, then the most achievable, positive, sustainable and joyful way to do it – I believe, I really do – is to do it with soul.

The invitation does, however, come at a price. It is not a selfish, individualist pursuit. Soulfulness will not necessarily make you rich or even successful in the eyes of the culture we have fashioned for ourselves.

As Jesus, whom I follow, once put it: ‘What does it profit [anyone] to gain the world but lose their soul?’ (Mark 8.36). Perhaps we might add, as we set off into this adventure, ‘And what might it cost to retrieve it?’" 

(Taken from the introduction to my forthcoming book Soulfulness.)

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Welcome! If we haven't met before, I'm a writer, speaker and facilitator, and I've developed simple and (I hope) inspiring ways for you to engage with my material (whether in person, or from a distance). These flow from my contemplative spirituality, and tend to follow the path of the seasons.

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"Your work is inspirational and unique. I have touched places in my soul I have never been to." Heather, a subscriber to my e-mail series