Welcome! If we haven't met before, I'm a writer, speaker and facilitator, and I've developed simple and (I hope) inspiring ways for you to engage with my material (whether in person, or from a distance). These flow from my Christian spirituality, and tend to follow the path of the seasons.

Whether you read one of my books, embark on some one-to-one work, come for a Spring or Autumn walking retreat, or sign up to an Advent or Lent e-mail series, I hope you discover more of what matters most. Speaking of which ...

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BREAKING NEWS!  Spring is upon us! And I am thrilled to say that I'll be running my Spring Saunters once again this year in the sublime setting of Mottisfont. May 21, 23, June 2 and 4. Places are limited, and they go quickly. So click here for more details, then book your place without delay.

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"Your work is inspirational and unique. I have touched places in my soul I have never been to." Heather, a subscriber to my e-mail series