When we bring soul to bear upon our life,

we bring our life to bear, as a blessing, upon the world around us.

I've developed some simple and practical ways to work with you on this - from my interactive Lent and Advent e-mail series, to books, talks, seasonal retreats and workshops. These all flow from my contemplative spirituality.

I hope you also enjoy browsing the website. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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LATEST NEWS: You can now sign up for my Advent 20 e-mail series

ADVENT 2017 is a unique series of 20 reflections (written daily, as we go - never off the shelf) to help you prepare the way for Christmas. Make space within the busyness, gain back some perspective, and remind yourself why we're celebrating in the first place. Incarnation is an amazing thing; it's the very fleshing out of life itself. So why not get excited about Christmas with me? Let's restore the wonder and awe of a magical season!

The responses I receive and publish from other participants help us - as an on-line community - to share wisdom at a surprisingly soulful level. And together, we end up shaping the nature of the journey.

It would be wonderful if you'd like to join me this year. Together, it really is a lovely, and sustainable, way of making the most of this poignant and potent period.

The suggested donation remains £10 (or £40 for groups).

Click here to see a sample ...

... and click here to sign up!

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