What Matters Most? Finding Spiritual Treasure in Everyday Life - out this October

"Brian Draper, with disarming honesty and a warm, invitational style, opens pathways that lead to what truly lies closest to our heart, and to the heart of God, however we understand that sacred mystery. His insightful reflections are punctuated by very practical spiritual exercises that can be readily integrated into the daily lives of those of any faith tradition, or of none. This is a treasury of wisdom in the language and the spirit of 'the real'. Very well worth a long, loving look." - Margaret Silf, author of Landscapes of Prayer

My new book What Matters Most? Finding Spiritual Treasure in Everyday Life is officially published this month by Lion Hudson. I've written the book to explore (for myself, as much as anyone else) how we set about discovering what matters most, and what we can do to live as if we truly believe it. It's gentle, evocative, but purposeful. It won't, of course, tell you what to believe, or what to do - but it will, I hope, inspire honest reflection and challenge you to reconnect with the Source of your wisdom, passion, energy, values, life and love...

Please do support your local bookshop - otherwise you can order here from Hive, an on-line retailer which supports local independent bookshops.

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So it's an exciting autumn for me. In its own right, autumn is such an evocative season - and to that end, I've been leading a series of Ode to Autumn walking retreats which have been fully booked and are now almost done. We've had some terrific afternoons walking amid the autumn sights, sounds and smells. If you want to make sure you're the first to know about my retreats in future, do sign up for very occasional e-mail notifications here. 

I'll also be presenting Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4 on Saturdays October 25, November 1 and 8. 

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By the way, if we haven't met before: I'm a writer, speaker and facilitator, and I've developed simple and (I hope) inspiring ways for you to engage with my material (whether in person, or from a distance). These flow from my Christian spirituality, and tend to follow the path of the seasons.

Whether you read one of my books, embark on some one-to-one work, come for a Spring or Autumn walking retreat, or sign up to an Advent or Lent e-mail series, I hope you discover more of what matters most.

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"Your work is inspirational and unique. I have touched places in my soul I have never been to." Heather, a subscriber to my e-mail series

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I'm thrilled to say that Stewardship - an organisation that helps you to give charitably - is now able to receive donations for my work, and to send them on to me, gift-aided. So if you share my vision, to help as many ordinary people as possible to nurture an everyday spirituality that breathes life back into the world around them, then please consider supporting me, and write to my lovely assistant katharinedraper@gmail.com for further details.

Thank you!